Frequently Asked Questions

Who does jadebird  vision work for?

Jadebird vision is suitable for people with low vision with corrected vision between 0.01-0.3 and residual retinal function, including people with visual impairment caused by various congenital eye diseases, aging or acquired accidental injuries, and diseases. Remaining retinal function requires at least the ability to recognize the number of fingers at a distance of 20 centimeters.

What eye conditions does jadebird vision work for?

Disorders that can cause low vision in the eye, including

Albinism、Cataracts、Glaucoma、 Optic nerve dysplasia、Retinitis pigmentosa、Macular Degeneration、Diabetic Retinopathy、Optic Atrophy、Cone Rod Dystrophy、Retinopathy of Prematurity、Macular Dystrophy、Optic Neuropathy and other diseases.

Since everyone's situation is unique, we recommend that you contact a professional vision coach to help you understand whether Aeye-X R4S is suitable for you or your family members.

How to try it on  Aeye- X  R4S ?

It can effectively assist people with low vision to improve their eyesight, so as to assist you in various daily study, life, travel, social, work and other activities. for example:

a. Read books, watch the blackboard, watch TV, and help children do their homework.

b. Outdoors, you can look for bus stop signs and subway entrances, and enjoy various natural scenery: mountains, rivers, and lakes.

c. Through the OCR function, it can also intelligently recognize various texts, such as books and manuals.

How can others try to use the Aeye-X  R4S?

We strongly recommend any potential jadebird Vision AEYE user to make an evaluation before proceeding with a purchase.

You can place an order on the official website to rent a try-on service, and the try-on coach will guide you to try it online.

What technologies does the Aeye-X R4S use?

Aeye-X R4S vision aid adopts the latest software and hardware technologies such as AR, optics, and algorithms. Through high-definition cameras and high-resolution screens, users can watch the real-time images in front of them in real time; combined with Kingfisher’s visual enhancement algorithm: users The distant view is turned into a close view, and objects, texts, and faces that cannot be seen clearly are enlarged and optimized to the visible range; OCR and TTS technologies can also recognize text and convert it into voice, thereby helping visually impaired users to see clearly Objects, words, to realize the use of key information.

What's included with the purchase of  Aeye-X R4S

In addition to the Aeye-X R4S headset, the products you purchase also include computing units, Remote Controller, Carrying Case, nose pads, glasses strap, Insulation stickers , Glasses Cloth , Adapter , Type-C Charge Cable.

You also get a 1-year warranty and lifetime software upgrades.

Can Aeye-X R4S improve afraid of light

The Aeye-X R4S lets you adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen, which means it's perfect for people who are sensitive to light. The corresponding night mode function can be selected for use.

Is it suitable for users with symptoms of night blindness?

Patients with symptoms of night blindness can choose to use the corresponding night mode function.

Can Aeye-X R4S be used with a computer?

Yes, Aeye-X R4S can be connected to the same WIFI to project the content of the IOS or windows system computer to the Aeye-X R4S display, and can directly perform operations such as zooming and focusing.

How long is the battery life?

The standard Aeye-X R4S battery provides 2-3 hours of continuous use.